Puppy House Training Tips

Written By Dr. Gary Holfinger

Puppy house training can be frustrating at times. Here’s some ideas to help that puppy learn the routine:

• Take the puppy out frequently, every one or two hours if possible. Puppies have high metabolisms and small bladders, so they need to go more frequently than adult dogs.

• When the puppy is out let is sniff a bit.

• Use a fixed length short lead so you can quickly encourage your puppy and respond to its signals.

• Be sure to take your pet out for at least 15 minutes after each time it eats. Eating encourages the intestinal tract to move feces. This includes giving treats, such as biscuits.

• Take the puppy out immediately after naps or playtime.

• If you have an older dog that is housetrained, take it with you when you take the puppy out.

• Make sure you have a “bathroom” section of your yard that you always take the puppy to. Clean up feces so that the area stays fresh.