A Pre-Adoption Checklist

Written By Dr. Gary Holfinger

Puppies and kittens are so adorable that we often add a pet to the family without thinking of all the factors a new pet brings. Here’s a checklist to go over when you consider a new pet:

• Does anyone in the family have allergies?

• Are there children in the household?

• How much time do you have to exercise a new pet?

• Do you have easy access to pet exercise areas?

• How much of the day will the pet be alone?

• How much grooming and shedding can you live with?

• How much room do you have?

• How much can you financially manage with a new pet?

• Will a new pet affect any existing pet you may have?

These questions are not meant to discourage you from getting a new pet, but rather to help you determine what species (cat or dog) or breed would work best for your situation. Adopting a new pet is a lifelong decision; be sure to fit your situation as well as possible.