Pardon Our Dust

Written By Dr. Gary Holfinger

We are very excited to announce that we are moving into the new hospital this week!

We are open and available to you even as we transfer everything. The relocation plans are extensive – we’ve got to bring in support to move our x-ray equipment, our in-house lab, and all of our surgical and medical equipment. Key staff members are coordinating their areas of responsibility, whether reception, surgery, medical care, or diagnostics.

The need to transfer our phone and computer systems is our first priority. If at any point your phone call fails to get through to us, please wait a few minutes and try again. Any disruption should be short.

We will be having an open house in April once we are into nicer weather and away from Easter spring break. We will accounce those plans as they get closer.

Tours of the clinic will be offered to all who come in so that you can see modern veterinary care. Everyone at ESAC is excited and looking forward to new surroundings. The new facility will make the task of bringing your pet to the office easier, with less stress and more comfort. It was a tough decision to build and make the changes, but our current building simply wasn’t made for veterinary medicine as practiced today. We leave it with regret and good memories, but know we will serve you better with the move.

The most common question asked of us is the fate of the original East Suburban building. We hope that it can be leased or sold, and will be offering it as soon as the move is completed. Any interested parties should contact us at 419.691.7201.